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Want to know how to get involved?

The PTO is a well-oiled machine, but we always, always, always have a need for volunteers and welcome new ideas! Whether you have just a little time to give or several hours, we can find a place for you to help make a difference for our school. The PTO is simply a group of parents who are going the extra mile to help make Horizon Elementary an awesome place to go to school! We do not have a clique nor do we exclude anyone who is willing to dedicate some time and effort.

Feel free to email us if you have any questions. We're here to help and we want YOU to join us!! Please submit the forms below so we can add you to our list of volunteers.

Step 1...

Anyone who would like to volunteer at a PHM school must first complete two forms and turn them in to the school office. ​CLICK HERE to access the Volunteer Intake Form and the Permission Form for a Criminal Background Check on the PHM website. 

Step 2...

Fill out the google form.
 CLICK HERE for the google form.
Volunteer Do's & Don'ts

Do schedule volunteering/classroom visits ahead of time.

Don't ever just show up and expect to go back to a classroom.

Do check in at the main office and wear your ID sticker the entire time you're in the school.

Don't bring younger children or other guests with you to your volunteer time. 

Do help ALL children in the classroom or group.

Don't focus only on your own child (unless that is the assigned task).

Do remember you are there to help as needed.

Don't interfere or take over, especially for a child (yours or any other).

Do leave the building as soon as your volunteer time has ended. 

Don't hang out chatting in the hallways or stop into classes unannounced.

Do volunteer as often as you can!

Don't be offended if your help isn't needed. 

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