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Teacher's Wish List

The Horizon Teacher's Scholastic wish list can be found below. They are ordered by grade and teacher. Once you decide which books to buy the teacher please check the comment box to make sure someone else didn't get the same book. If not please type in the comment box the teachers name and book to make sure we don't get duplicates. Then proceed to Scholastic's Horizon website by CLICKING HERE to purchase the book. Thank you!! 



Mrs. Curry

The Wonky Donkey    ISBN13:  9780545261241   $7.99


The Three Little Pigs and the Somewhat Bad Wolf (A StoryPlay Book)

ISBN13:  9781338157741


Dylan the Doctor     ISBN13: 9781338255805    $3.99

Branches Missy's Super Duper Royal Deluxe Pack (Books 1-4)

  • ISBN13:  9781338195651

  • $13.97

My Santa Claus   ISBN13:  9780545436496  $4.99

What If You Had T-Rex Teeth? ISBN13:  9781338271393  $4.99

Are You Ready to Play Outside? A Piggy and Elephant Book

  • ISBN13:  9781423113478

  • $8.99

What If You Had an Animal Tail?  ISBN13:  9781338208788   $4.99

Knock! Knock! ISBN13: 978133811694   $14.99

If You're a Monster and You Know It! ISBN13:  9780545218290  $15.92

Billy Bully ISBN13:  9780545110129   $5.99

Jack and the Beanstalk and the French Fries ISBN13: 9780545914314   $15.92

There Was An Old Mermaid/There Was an Old Pirate (2 Pack)

ISBN13: 9781338558180


Mrs. McCambridge

Mrs. Schieman

Mrs. VanDuyn

1st Grade


Mrs. Dussel

Mrs. Hapke

Mrs. Hartline

Ms. Hollinger

2nd Grade

Mrs. Roberts

Pig the Slob  #395941  $5.99

Say Something  #397068   $5.99

The Bad Guys  #391902  $6.99

Scholastic Reader Level 2: The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Glacier Adventure  $4.99


The Last Firehawk #1: The Ember Stone  $4.99


The Last Firehawk #2: The Crystal Caverns   $4.99


Who Would Win?: Ultimate Shark Rumble   $4.99


Fly Guy Presents: Dinosaurs    $3.99

Narwhal and Jelly #2: Super Narwhal and Jelly Jolt  $7.99

The Puppy Place #50: Spirit   $5.99

Mrs. Dansky

Rowley' Jefferson's Awesome Friendly Adventures



Not Quite Snow White



Waiting Is Not Easy!



Fly Guy & Fly Girl



Pete the Kitty and the Unicorn's Missing Colors



Bad Dog



Mrs. Moore

One and Only Ivan    $8.99

We Don't Eat Our Classmates    $17.99


The Dinky Donkey      $7.99

Bad Seed      $5.99

Good Egg      $5.99

Pig the Pug: Pig the Fibber   $4.99

Ms. Krueger

Mrs. Rice

3rd Grade

Mrs. Marks

Bad Kitty Joins the Team $9.99

Who Would Win: Lion Vs. Tiger $3.99

American Girl: A Girl Named Helen $4.99

Cam Jansen: The Mystery of the Babe Ruth Baseball $4.99

Amber Brown is Not  Crayon $4.99

Mrs. Pressler

1.  National Geographic Kids: Weird But True! 2

      Item #58G2     $8.50

2.  What is a Presidential Election? 

      Item #87G2     $7.50

3.  For Which We Stand

      Item #28G2     $10.50

4.  Babysitters Little Sister #1 Karen's Witch

       Item #3G2      $8.50

5.  Babysitters Little Sister #2 Karen's Roller Skates

      Item #2G2       $8.50

6.  Captain Underpants and the Revolting Revenge...

       Item #11G2      $9.50

7.  The Best Roblox Games

        Item #5G2      $14.50

8.  Owl Diaries #13  Eva in the Spotlight

        Item #62G2     $4.50

9.   Bad Guys Dawn of the Underlord

        Item #4G2      $4.50

10.  Do Not Open This Book

        Item #21X2     $4.50

11.  Who Would Win, Ultimate Shark Rumble

        Item #90X2      $3.50

12.  Dogman Grime and Punishment

         Item #23X2      $9.50

13.  Elephant and Piggie: We Are in a Book

         Item #28X2       $4.50

14.  Pig the Tourist

         Item #62X2       $4.50

15.  All Because You Matter

         Item #2K2       $13.50

16.  Do Unto Otters

          Item #17K2      $4.50

17.  Bad Dog

          Item #4K2      $4.50

18.  Amulet #8 Supernova

          Item #060707    $10.50

19.  Do Not Lick This Book!

         Item #26N2      $4.50

20.  I Survived (Graphic Novel) Shark Attack

        Item #39G1     $8.50

Mrs. Cussen

Mrs. Messer

Mrs. Zache

4th Grade

Mrs. Briones

Mr. Budd

Mrs. Lira

Mrs. Pond

Mrs. Rehlander

5th Grade

Ms. Coletti

Mrs. Nowak

Mrs. Osbeck

Mrs. Shenk

Resource Teachers

Mrs. Polizzotto

Raise a Reader Set: Level 2 Cutesy Creatures (Ages 6-8)

Eerie Elementary Paperback Boxed Set (Books #1-4)

Boris Value Pack (books 1–4)


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