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Mrs. Nancy Banks Memorial

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Mrs. Nancy Banks is woven into the fabric of the Horizon culture like no other staff member. Nancy has worked at Horizon since the building opened in 1995, and continued to stay despite her children being grown and living out of town because her "heart was with Horizon." Her devotion to our students, teachers, and staff was obvious to all. Her involvement in our school was everywhere: Student Leadership, WHSN Daily News, Traffic Duty, Cafeteria, Learning Clubs, tutoring, and she was the head of our Social Committee. No words can express how grateful we, as Horizon families, were to know Nancy. She will always be a part of our Horizon Family!

As a beloved member of the Horizon community, Horizon PTO is accepting donations to help create a memorial at Horizon in Mrs. Banks memory. Donations will go towards flowering bushes and landscaping around the new gazebo. Dussel Farms has been kind enough to donate a decorative rock with her name as well. She cared deeply for all of our kids and loved to make them smile. These bushes will allow her spirit to live on by making smiles for generations of kids to come! 

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