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Events & Activities

5th Grade Celebration

Current Chairpersons - Corri Sencaj & Ellen Bridwell

5th grade parents organize an end-of-year celebration for the students who are graduating from Horizon. The chairs coordinate with teachers and form a committee to plan and implement the main event and related activities.

Art to Remember & smART (Art Smart)

Current Chairpersons - Jen Sailor & Beth Osborne

Art to Remember is a fun opportunity to purchase keepsakes like mugs, magnets, mouse pads, etc. featuring your child’s artwork. Chairperson(s) collect the artwork from the October Art Smart session and send it in to the company. They will then distribute order forms showing their student art. A new feature has been added for parents to also upload their own student's art once they receive their flyer with the code.  Next, orders are collected 100% online and ready for processing to be distributed at school before the holidays. When orders are received, they are sorted and sent home with each child.


Current Chairpersons - Natalie Haut

Each year, the PTO adopts families in need during the holidays and provides food, clothing, and toys for each family member. Horizon families are given the opportunity to participate by either purchasing items or donating money. Volunteers are needed for the gift wrapping party.

Book Fair

Current Chairpersons - Ellen Bridwell & Kelly Weidner

Each year we host 3 book fairs to help earn money and supplies for the Horizon library (IMC). The first fair is for only one night during back-to-school night. The fall fair typically runs 5 days. The spring fair is also 5 days and is our popular “buy one get one free” sale. We try to keep the fair open non-stop during every school day and extend the hours one night to help our families who can’t come in earlier in the day. We typically need 1-4 volunteers at a time so keeping the fair open continuously during the school day requires many volunteer hours.
Book Fair volunteers do the following…

  • Keep the fair stocked & organized between classes & busy times.

  • Monitor shoppers, answer questions & assist in finding books.

  • Help younger students create “wish lists” to take home.

  • Run a cash register to process sales.

Box Tops for Education

Current Chairperson - Mrs. Pond's class

The Horizon PTO participates in the General Mills Box Tops for Education rebate program. We earn $0.10 for every box top redeemed. The chairperson(s) are responsible for creating contests to encourage donations and tracking earnings.

Class Parties / Room Parents

Current Chairperson - Christan Shelton

The chairperson is responsible for coordinating volunteers with teachers so communication and planning is clear.

Environmental Lab

Current Chairperson - Julie Mead

Volunteers are needed to help maintain our outdoor Environmental Lab. Crews are needed to weed and clean up in the spring and fall. Help is also needed to plant flowers and add mulch in the spring.

Family Fun Nights

Current Chairperson - PTO Board Members

Family Fun Nights are held each year to promote community within Horizon. These events have previously included ice or roller skating, BINGO, movie night, dances, as well as many other activities. Volunteers are needed at some events to help plan and set up before hand, and then clean up afterward.

Field Day

Current Chairperson - Horizon PE Teacher

This is a special day at the end of the year where all students get to take part in a variety of fun outdoor and indoor activities. This event is run by the PE Teacher but PTO supports by helping organize volunteers for the many events throughout the day.

Friends of the Library

Current Chairperson - Ellen Bridwell & Kelly Weidner

If you have an hour or two to share in the Horizon Library on a weekly basis, please let the PTO know. This is a great way to get involved at your child's school. Library volunteers help by checking in/out books, sorting & shelving books, keeping the library tidy, etc. To participate, please fill out the volunteer form or contact our librarian through the school office.

Holiday Shop

Current Chairperson - Natalie Haut

This event provides an opportunity for Horizon students to purchase affordable Christmas gifts for their family members. Volunteers are needed for set-up/clean-up, as well as to assist children and process sales.


Current Chairperson - Jill Rippy & Kelly Weidner

The Hospitality Committee plans special meals and snacks for our Horizon staff members during conferences week in the fall and also for Staff Appreciation week in the spring. Volunteers are needed to set up and clean up, as well as provide food and supplies.

Marketing & Media

Current Chairperson - Ellen Bridwell

This person's role is to manage the website and create or review all communications sent home to Horizon families. 

PHM Forum Representative

Current Chairpersons - Jen Sailor & Jen Turnblom

Two representatives and one substitute from Horizon are needed to attend PHM Forum meetings to exchange ideas and concerns regarding our children and their education. The forum is designed to help promote relationships between all PHM schools, the administration, the school board and the community.  Representatives report back to Mrs. Decker, as well as share information via the newsletter.

Screen Free Week

Current Chairperson - Julie Abad

An entire week dedicated to turning OFF screens and turning ON life!! The focus this week is on family time and enjoying life "unplugged". The chairperson organizes special events throughout the week that provide opportunities to also connect with other families from Horizon. 


Current Chairpersons - Jen Sailor & Beth Osborne

Horizon smART is a program run entirely by parent volunteers and supported by teachers and admin. PHM elementary schools do not have formal art as a special so Art Smart is a district wide program. Horizon has modified our recent program to include art that also ties to class curriculum forming one Horizon smART program.  Without parent help, these creative experiences are very limited and may cease to exist. CLICK HERE to visit the official Horizon smART website and find out more about how you can help.


Current Chairperson - Beth Osborne

A fun costume & candy event held in the Horizon parking lot. New in 2019!!


Current Chairpersons - Jen Turnblom & Natalie Haut

We host a special day in the fall for our children to invite a special person in their life to visit them at Horizon. The chairperson(s) plans and organizes the day. Volunteers are needed to prepare as well as help orchestrate the events of the day.

Volunteer Time Coordinator

Current Chairperson - Gina Darr

The coordinator is responsible for collecting monthly volunteer hours from the front office and from the committee chairs and then reporting those totals to the board to be forwarded on to PHM.


Current Chairpersons - Andi Hartstein & Joanna Jacobsen

Volunteers are needed to take photographs throughout the year at Horizon events and assist with the production and distribution of the yearbook.

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