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Class Party Volunteers

Complete the form below to volunteer for one or both class parties for the 2018/2019 school year.

But first... Scroll down to see if your name is already on the list!

Note: We are still in need of room parents for Moore and Doolittle. If you are willing to lead, please email us.


Below is the list of names of parents who volunteered prior to 11/20/18 (sorted in alpha order by last name). Note: This list may not be updated going forward.
*Lead Room Parents


Julie Abad, 3rd - Marks
Szabo Alison, 2nd - Pawlowski
Megan Balthes, 4th - Pond/1st - Hollinger
Lisa Berger, 1st - Hartline
*Mimzy Bohannon, 5th - Hershberger
Ellen Bridwell, 4th - Lira

*Kelly Brown, 4th - Briones
*Shantelle Burress, 2nd - Roberts
Jammie Butler, 4th - Lira/1st - Niedbala
Erica Cano, 2nd - Krueger
Marcos Cano, 2nd - Krueger

Tina Cartwright
*Jessica Clark, 1st - Dussel
Becky Clevenger, 3rd - Marks
Sandra Connors, 1st - Dussel
*Sarah Corwin, 3rd - Cussen
Gina Darr, 1st - Doolittle
*Sarah DeVon, K - McCambridge
(Brenda) Joy Drake, 1st - Doolittle/3rd - Pressler/5th - McCaskill
*Diana Dygulski, 2nd - Rice
Neria Eyman, 3rd - Pressler
Heather Geisel, 1st - Dussel
Tara Geisel, 4th - Pond
Jenna Gensic, K - McCambridge/2nd - Dansky/5th - Shenk

*Amy Gillin, 2nd - Roberts
Marisol Girton, 5th - Shenk
Stacy Gour, 3rd - Cussen/3rd - Pressler
Laura Hamdani, 4th - Rehlander/2nd - Dansky
Raenelle Hamilton, 1st - Doolittle

*Katie Hannah, 4th - Rehlander
Lindsay Herbert, 4th - Rehlander/1st - Hollinger
*Angela Herring, 2nd - Krueger
Colleen Hoover, 4th - Rehlander
Ambur Horne, 4th - Lira/4th - Briones
*Melissa Horvath, 2nd - Dansky
Marcia Humphry, 5th - Hershberger
Kelly Infante, 4th - Briones
*Liz Johnson, 5th - McCaskill/3rd - Cussen
*Jennifer Jordan, 4th - Rulli
*Jessica Knapick, 5th - Kline
Chad Kotys, K - Curry
*Sarah Kotys, K - Curry
*Brittany Kritzman, 5th - Kline
Tara Lundquist, K - Moore/3rd - Pressler
*Julie Mead, 4th - Pond/2nd - Dansky
Elizabeth Meeks, 1st - Hartline
*Katie Mroczek, 3rd - Marks
*Sarah Nagy, K - VanDuyn
*Jessica Nelson, 3rd - Messer/1st - Doolittle
Beverly Neto, 2nd - Dansky
Kendra Nicely, K - Curry

Tracy Olsen, 2nd - Pawlowski
*Beth Osborne, 2nd - Krueger
Nicole Painter, 4th - Lira
Karen Pal, 5th - McCaskill
*Joy Phillips, 1st - Niedbala
Casey Pittman, 4th - Lira

Pam Rerick, 2nd - Krueger
*Holly Rodriguez, 1st - Hartline
Christy Savage, 2nd - Roberts
Melissa Scheetz, 3rd - Messer/PK - Lang./Zach.
Andrew Sears, 4th - Lira
Jennifer Sears, 4th - Lira
Chris Shaver, 5th - Shenk/2nd - Krueger
Angela Sherwood, 1st - Hollinger
Gretchen Skurla, K - Schieman
*Lisa Sowders, 3rd - Pressler
Traci Tafelski, 4th - Rulli/1st - Hollinger
Renee Thompson, 2nd - Roberts
*Elizabeth Turak, 5th - Lira
*Jennifer Turnblom, 3rd - Cussen/5th - Shenk
Tracy VanSchoick, PK - Langfeldt/Zachary/1st - Niedbala

Christine Williams
Jennifer Wolfe, K - Moore
Alison Wood


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