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EAA Young Eagles Flights

A group of local EAA Pilots have offered to take the students of Horizon up for a free flight in a small plane. To help gauge interest, the PTO has created a sign-up sheet for anyone that would be interested in allowing their kid to fly in a small plane in the local area. Once we know the interest level there will be more information on either a rally in the future or we will schedule individual flights. 

EAA Young Eagles

  • Visit the Young Eagles Website for more info. Click Here to visit the website. 

  • Young Eagle pilots have already safely provided over 2 million flights to kids and counting!!

  • Your kids name will be added to the LARGEST Logbook in the world!

  • Click here for frequently asked questions by parents

  • Is it safe?? Absolutely! These are FAA certified pilots flying FAA certified aircraft. If you have any specific safety concerns, feel free to email the PTO and one of the pilots will answer them for you.

  • How much does it cost?  $0 ..... it's FREE. The pilots donate their time, plane and fuel to fly the students.

PLEASE NOTE: Horizon & the PTO are not guaranteeing any flights. This is put on by volunteer local EAA pilots. The pilots get the final decision on flights.

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